Five Senses and Six Feelings

April Yue @ 2022-08-07 02:56:48 -0400

I'm April Yue, CEO of Ann Karen Spa and welcome to our new website and blog.  In the future, I will regularly share and exchange my life journey and experience with you in the CEO TALK.

In the post-epidemic era, we focus on "heart". The epidemic has brought different inspirations to our lives. Maybe we no longer need to pursue fast pace, fast fashion, fast life, slow down and experience it carefully.

During the previous period of the epidemic, I was thinking about what inspired me to enter the beauty and SPA industry. After thinking about it, the only constant is my love for spa from beginning to end. I love to enjoy life, and I have experienced most of the spas around the world, which also laid the foundation and confidence for me to create Ann Karen Day Spa.

Among them, the one that impresses me very much is Taiwan's San Er Xingguan. 

The five senses and six Feelings of the three or two line tubes are very suitable for spa standards.

Five Senses: Noble, Noble, Safety, Comfort, Pleasure
Six Feelings: sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste, intuition

It is by no means easy for simple words to finally become intuitive senses. Their design aesthetics, broad vision, meticulous service, smooth process, and even the taste and color of the room bring different senses to customers. The deepest impression is that the wood tone furniture and the wood scent can bring me a natural and peaceful experience. Quiet, private, elegant, comfortable.

It is recommended that everyone who has the opportunity to go to Taiwan must experience it (no personal relationship with San Er Xingguan, no business dealings, purely recommended from a consumer perspective).