Organic Facial Care

Classical Hand-made Facial Care

  • Classic Facial Care $138
  • Facial Bone Raising Care $198
  • Whitening and Spot Dilution Care $188
  • Anti-Acne Revival Care $188
  • Compacting and Anti-aging Facial Care $188
  • Anti-allergy Postoperative Recondition Care $188
  • Tendon Treatment & Detox Rising Care $328
  • Ruiyan Skin Activation and Anti-aging Care $500
  • Neck Side Regenerative Care $138
  • Shiny Eye Restoration Care $138

Classic Facial Care

Basic facial cleansing + Facial massage + rehydration

A more recommended facial care for those who are not sure what skin properties or for general neutral skins. It cleans the pores and exfoliate deeply with moisturizing serum and mask, to give the skin a new look.

Facial Bone Raising Care

Facial cleansing + Japanese facial miniature massage + Compacting and raising mask 

It applies the magic Japanese ancient facial miniature massage. Through the chain stimulation response of acupoints and bone position, through the treatment of lymph, detoxification and edema elimination, you can see the contour changes in an hour.

Whitening and Spot Dilution Care

The Levorotation VC+E liquid integrates with water-soluble antioxidant vitamin C and oil-soluble antioxidant vitamin E, can dilute the melanin precipitation and restore the tender and flawless whitening skins.

Anti-Acne Revival Care

Farewell to acne without acne scar.

Specially designed for acne skin, it can regulate oil secretion bilaterally, address acne pore blockage and promote metabolism. It facilitates in-depth reformation of your skin and rebuild perfection.

Compacting and Anti-aging Facial Care

Ferulic acid and coenzyme Q10 are directly delivered into the skin through ATEDS skin entry system, which can effectively prevent the damage of ultraviolet rays that causes skin relaxation and aging, repair dryness and dullness, enhance cell energy, help skin recondition and activation, and thus wake up cells and reshape skin.

Anti-allergy Postoperative Recondition Care

Exclusive products contain alpha-bisabolol, improve sensitive skin, repair damaged cells, stimulate natural production of peptides in a large quantity, stimulate the formation of connective tissue, and ultimately stabilize to realize the perfect and clean skin.

Tendon Treatment & Detox Rising Care

Toxins in Human body is easy to hoard in nose side, forehead, eye side meridian circulation part, and cause Qi and blood impassable, meridian block, produce tendon knot. It can eliminate toxin and necrotic cells, regulate Qi and blood, the recanalization of meridians and collaterals, promote blood circulation and dissipate blood stasis, completely solve skin problems such as dark skin, relax, acne, pore size and so on.

Ruiyan Skin Activation and Anti-aging Care

Deep facial cleansing + Swiss cell anti-aging products + unique massage 

It applies high-tech anti-aging skin care products with the combination of Swiss cell technology and plant technology, increases the activity of skin cells, improves the ability of skin self-repair, which is safe and harmless, compacts the skin, dilutes wrinkles, and builds elastic youthful skins.

Neck Side Regenerative Care

Some people say that the neck is a woman’s second face. Age, vitality, health and elasticity can be seen from the neck, and the neck is also one of the body parts that are difficult to maintain. Neck regenerative care can effectively weaken the neck wrinkles and make perfect contour of your neck.

Shiny Eye Restoration Care

Do you know how many times you blink every day? It’s 20, 000 times

How about every year? It’s 730, 0000 times

Your eyes are so tired.

Tiny wrinkles, discoloration, all eye skin problems are not without reason; it’s because your care for your eyes is not enough.

Organic Facial Care

Organic Flora Whitening Care


Repairing spots or dullness caused by skin degradation or ultraviolet irradiation, it forms a protective cover outside melanocytes, prevents new spots and reduces melanin formed by stimulation of melanocytes. The anti-free radical effect of plant whitening formula can prevent melanin precipitation produced by emotions and hormones.

Organic Anti-aging Magic Care


Applying high-frequency quantum energy, it activates ordination and recombination of cell water molecules, accelerating the conditioning site of the blood ring, start ingest cell regeneration repair function with the overall suspension to enhance the anti-aging effect.

Kohokudo Organic Treatment from Japan


Pushing and kneading the stiff muscles from the deep layer, it recuperates Qi and blood, and improves the immunity. At the same time, it acts on the facial grooming of deep muscle crumbs, tightening the puffy and relaxed parts of the face, so that you can restore physical and mental health and realizing perfect balance.

Modern Technology Facial Care

Water diamond Skin Care

90Mins/ $260

Deep facial cleansing + deep rehydration

Skin is like a 100-page book, while routine

cleansing can only reach a cleanliness of 40 pages; the remaining 60 pages requires a professional and efficient method to effectively address. Hydra Facial helps you solve skin problems such as pore blockages, grease, acne muscles, etc. caused by air, environment, incomplete makeup removal, etc.

Super-effective Electric Wave Lifting Care

90Mins/ $260

Facial cleansing + electric wave lifting

Radio-wave skin lifting is the best non-operative and non-invasive treatment to improve skin relaxation, which can effectively address various wrinkles of the skin.

Black Forest Bio-oxygen Care

90Mins/ $260

Facial cleansing + German black forest bio-oxygen extracts + patented

oxygenation instruments:  

German Black Forest Bio-oxygen Mask gives the skin plenty of water and oxygen, let the skin bloom splendor, softness and clearness.

Immediate Beauty-up Raising Care

90Mins/ $280

Facial cleansing + Exclusive patented TTS cosmetic instrument + Compact raising care

Immediate Beauty-up Raising Care is painless, noninvasive, no recovery period required, evenly heat skin from inside to outside to effective treatment temperature, stimulate deep collagen contraction immediately, realize a compact skin, create a perfect contour, to achieve the ideal compact effect from inside to outside.

Collagen Rejuvenation Care

90Mins/ $280

Facial cleansing + collagen products + pioneering introduction technology directly to the dermis.

The secret of young skin lies in the collagen of the skin, which has good support and makes the skin full and delicate. 

Repairing the signs of aging and awakening your skin with collagen to restore elasticity and luster. 

Stem Cell hydrotherapy Care

90Mins/ $325

Facial cleansing + Regenerative stem cells + Top-level skin care technology

It applies the most advanced beauty instruments from the United States, removes skin waste non-invasively, and introduces stem cells to dilute eye wrinkles, decree lines and whole face wrinkles, effectively solving the problems of dry skin, water shortage, aging and dullness, whitening and rejuvenating skin, changing oily skin, addressing red blood and enhancing skin resistance

Microneedle Immaculate Facial Care

120Mins/ $328

Facial cleansing + The latest microneedle technology + Medical makeup skin care products

It applies the latest microneedle technology, only requires tiny wound invisible to the naked eye, which is painless, no redness, no recovery period required, yet can help the essence penetrate deeply into the skin, exert the maximum effect of the product. We apply different products for different skin, to effectively solve acne, water shortage of the skin, dark and other skin problems, restoring the perfect skin.

Extra Moistening Hydrotherapy Care

120Mins/ $328

Facial cleansing + Hyaluronic acid + Patented importer

Want a smooth skin, but don’t want an injection? Extra Moistening Hydrotherapy Facial Care helps you realize. Macromolecular hyaluronic acid increases water saturation of the skin, and small molecule hyaluronic acid tightly locks water; patented introduction instrument realizes in-depth penetrates without injection, and allows you to get the perfect skin.

Signal Peptide Skin Activating and Anti-aging Care

120Mins/ $599

Deep facial cleansing + Signal peptide + The latest microneedle technology

With the increase of age, the renewal of skin cells becomes slower and senescence occurs. 

Too much sunshine, sunburn?! 

Sensitive, flushed, and blackened skin after medical beauty?! 

Signal peptides help you solve all problems, which accelerate skin cell renewal and metabolism, increase cell activity, achieve skin replacement, and restore skin vitality.

Collagen Stimulator


Collagen stimulators can activate your own collagen repair system, promote collagen revival; a collagen stimulator applies unipolar radio frequency, importation moderate energy into the dermis, producing a warmth of 60 to 70 °C, real-time tightening collagen, while stimulating the revival of collagen, tightening the skin, lifting up the skin that has become loose and sagging, so that your skin would return to compact, smooth, elastic, and have pores refined.