Women's Care

Body Beauty Care & Shape

  • Bosom Up Modeling Care $148
  • Gastrointestinal and Ovary Care $148
  • Pregnancy Pleasant Care $138
  • Perfect Mother Postpartum Body Shape Care $148
  • Anti-aging Uterus Warming Care $138

Bosom Up Modeling Care

Bosom is your self-confidence, is your pride, is your capital, is your glory.

But your bosom will deform, it will sag, it will get sick.

Don’t let your pride lose its luster. Take care of it, protect it, make it proud forever.

With special massage techniques, it dredges the breast veins, activates the breast, stimulate breast tissue activity, so that breasts could get more nutrition and more collagen from the body, thereby become more elastic, more dynamic, and thus more stylish and healthier.

Gastrointestinal and Ovary Care

When the ovaries are well maintained, it will make the facial skin delicate and smooth, white and vivid, promote reproductive health, regulate and secrete female hormones, improve the quality of sexual life.

With special effect plant essential oil through massage, infiltration, can improve the movement of qi and blood, dysmenorrhea; adjust hormone secretion, menstrual irregular, and regulate sleep; strengthen the kidney function of the human body, so that women can reveal the breath of youth from inside to outside.

Pregnancy Pleasant Care

It is glorious and great to give birth to life.

Emotional instability during pregnancy will have many negative effects on mothers and children. 

Ann Karen pregnancy care applies a gentle approach, so that every future mother can smoothly and comfortably spend this important and happy time in life.

We help moms and benefit their children. 

Perfect Mother Postpartum Body Shape Care

The perfect mom should not only take care of her baby, but also take good care of herself.

The labor of 40 weeks brings your lifetime love to you, but also hurts your body unavoidably.

Let Ann Karen postpatrum care make your body, skin, Hormones recover back to the original status, and even better ones!

Anti-aging Uterus Warming Care

Ann Karen has introduced the world’s most advanced “uterus synchronous electric field” therapy. From the inside to outside, it volatilizes simultaneously and forms an “electrotherapy field”, which activates the uterus by microelectronic shuttling, so that the uterus restarts cell division from the inside out and returns to the young state of the uterus.

It tightens pelvic floor muscles, solves urinary incontinence, stimulates collagen regeneration, gland secretion, solves dryness, improves sensitivity, regulates irregular menstruation, and resists bacteria and bacteria