Magic Slim Treatment

Body Beauty Care & Shape

Meridian Circulation & Slimming Brush

90Mins/ $218

With traditional Chinese medicine theories cooperating with the tailor-made Capricorn brush to massage the body from top to bottom

Fat Attacking Slimming Treatment Course

90Mins/ $188

Effective fat attacking to remove fat.

Dissolve fat and detoxify lymph.

Make your skin more compact and increase skin elasticity.

Needle-free Slimming Therapy

60Mins/ $148

We massage your whole body to make cells achieve rapid movement inside, accelerate metabolism, consume fat, eliminate edema, so as to achieve the effect of slimming.

Slap to Thin

60Mins/ $148

This works with far infrared blanket red slimming, eliminating moisture and cold from the body, balancing the pH value in your body, accelerating metabolism for better and healthier weight reducing

Cupping Therapy

Health Care Cupping


Its spiral high-frequency resonance beat up to 7200 times per minute, promoting smoothness of blood vessels, microvessels, mammary ducts, lymphatic vessels, channels and collaterals in the body tissues, strengthening circulation, and nutrients could be transported to the body tissues. It pulls out the dampness and cold in the body to regulate the sub-health state of the body.

Breast Enhancement Cupping


It provides high-frequency spiral resonance up to 7200 beats per minute, promotes blood vessels, microvessels, mammary duct, lymphatic vessels, in the chest and surrounding tissue, unblocks meridians, strengthens circulation. It dredges the chest glands, promotes secondary development of the breast, to achieve the effect of breast enhancement, and reveal your self-confidence and charm.

Buttock Raising Cupping


Hip is the main switch of the six meridians of the leg, and it is also a bridge connecting Qi and blood of the human body. When the buttocks are cold, meridians of the buttocks contract, causing dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation, dark menstrual color, menstrual blood, and sciatica, fear of cold, weakness of legs and feet. Negative Raising Cupping dredges meridians, pulls out cold, dampness and blood stasis, guards uterus health.

Shoulder and Neck Cupping


The negative ion shoulder and neck cupping is specially aimed at various shoulder and neck discomfort problems caused by sedentary, long-time bow, incorrect sleep posture, long-time cold wind and so on. It pulls out dampness, cold, acid, achieves the recanalization of meridians and collaterals, so that you can completely relaxing and stretch freely.

Relaxing Cupping


Negative ion relaxation cupping applies to the discomfort locations, or you may just want to relax, then just give it a try. It will offer you a deeper massage experience than manual massage in a short time.